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The Rubrittican Trust for Historic Preservation and the Historical Society of Ceralusia present “Rubrittica vs. Ceralusia,” opening in the Arts Alley District on Friday, May 4th. This opening will take place at The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. and goes from 5:30 pm until midnight. The show runs through Friday, June 1st.“Rubrittica vs. Ceralusia” is an historical exploration of war; an opportunity to examine both human nature and the foibles of memory.



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  1. Tweeds Avatar

    Can’t wait!

  2. anonyonymous Avatar

    I stopped by this exhibition of “WAR” in Southern Colorado. Although there were some very good artistic renderings on the events of war, my first thought was why this and how depressing. Historically, if there are paintingings of war scenes, they are of actual wars. At that time it was the only form of communication to the public on the events of a war. But this group who instigated this theme of “WAR” made light of the event itself and into a form of entertainment. I was quite desturbed by the whole theme and found it odd and inappropriate. Especially at a time in the US in its current state of affairs of economic demise and social destruction. If you all were to render paintings on any of the number of actual wars in the world or any war that the US has participated in since the 1960s up, which would be relatively current, it would have been interesting, educational and informative. I found it to be quite a waste of paint and time to fabricate a false war and the aftermath of it, unless of course you all are telling the public your group will be starting the next “WAR” and the audiance would be best to begin preparing for one. I have not scene one artist paint such a theme of war unless it was their own.