April’s Arts Alley Openings: Cymon Padilla at The Modbo, Monique Viger at SPQR


The Modbo and SPQR, the Arts Alley District, present new works by Cymon Padilla and Monique Viger for April’s First Friday. Padilla’s show, “Postcards from Hyperborea,” will be featured in the Modbo, while Viger’s “Branches… Birds and Bugs” hangs in SPQR. Opening reception from 5:30 pm until midnight on Friday, April 4th. This show will run through Friday, April 25th. The Modbo and SPQR are located at 17b and 17c East Bijou, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80903.  themodbo.com. 633-4240.

SPQR will host new works by Monique Viger, “Branches . . . Birds and Bugs.” Monique Viger is one of Modbo Collective’s newest members, and has studied under Brett Andrus for almost five years at the ModboCo School of Art. Her work has been in galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and hair salons throughout the Pikes Peak Region. Here, at her first solo show, Monique experiments with how light abstracts images within nature.

In the Modbo, you’ll find Cymon Padilla’s “Postcards from Hyperborea.” Cymon Padilla was born and raised in Colorado Springs and has had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting. These interests crystallized in his first oil painting class at Pikes Peak Community College,  where he received his Associate of Arts degree in 2012. His work is primarily focused on using humor  and absurd juxtapositions to illustrate the relationship between human culture and the natural  world. When he’s not at his day job or in the studio, you can find Cymon exploring the outdoor landscapes that inspire much of his art.