Art Reception for Jo Carol Ciborowski at Ivywild


The Modbo cordially invites you to an art opening at Ivywild School featuring new work by Jo Carol Ciborowski.  Friday, November 11th, 5-7 pm, 1604 S. Cascade Ave.  Walk around, enjoy the artwork, meet the artist, and enjoy refreshments!  Questions? Email


Jo Carol Ciborowski wishes she could say she quit a high-paying corporate job, took a leap of faith, became an artist and has been wildly successful, with high-end galleries in NYC clamoring for her work. She could say that, but she would be lying. She also wishes she could say she slaves away at her easel 8 hours a day like most of her artist friends. But she can’t say that either. Jo Carol pursues art part-time, as the spirit moves her and between her other jobs: grandmother, parathyroid educator, homemaker, thrifter, and nap-taker. Since landing in Colorado Springs in 1996 after 37 moves, Jo Carol has adopted art as a way of thinking and a way of being. She has taught art to students of all ages and abilities. In her own work, she delves into psychological issues as a way of processing life’s vicissitudes. Her art has been shown in numerous juried shows in the region, including five solo shows. Jo Carol’s work currently resides in her basement and in collections across the country, especially in states where her relatives live.

EXHIBITION STATEMENT: Two Shows for the Price of One

I love making art. Sometimes I make serious, thought-provoking “real” art, using oil paints and cold wax medium. And sometimes I pull out my set of 150 colored pencils and I draw quirky birds. This show encompasses both. My serious sh*t is called “Between the Lines”. For these six 24”x 24” pieces, pages from books form the initial layer. The pages peek out seductively behind many layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium, which I apply using silicone squeegees. The titles of these paintings refer to the book whose pages comprise the first layer. I believe art serves many purposes: I love art that makes you think and I also love art that requires no thinking. My “It’s A Bird” series falls into the latter category. Sometimes art provides an escape from the world’s heaviness and maybe even elicits a chuckle. I explore visual puns with my quirky birds. A Mourning Dove pays a visit to the cemetery. A Collared Dove poses as Ruth Bader Ginsberg. As someone with IBS, “Irritable Owl Syndrome” is the one I most identify with. In Oscar Wilde’s words, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” And in my words, “So is art.”