August’s First Friday at The Modbo: The Ocean Between the Waves by Shannon Dunn


The Modbo presents August’s First Friday: “The Ocean Between the Waves,” new work by Shannon Dunn.  The opening reception is from 5:00 pm until midnight on Friday, August 3rd. The show runs through Friday, August 31st, and there will be a free artist’s talk at 5:30 on the 31st. The Modbo is located in the Arts Alley in downtown Colorado Springs at 17C E. Bijou. Find the stretch of Bijou that is between Cascade and Tejon, and go south down the alley. Street parking is available, but The Modbo recommends the lot on Cascade just north of Bijou, which is only  $1 after 3 pm. The Modbo can be reached at,, or 633-4240.

In the painting series, “The Ocean Between the Waves,” Shannon Dunn explores the human experience mirrored through the metaphor of water. The same water that covers 70% of planet earth composes up to 70% of the human body. Humans have a connection with the ocean in both a physical and spiritual way. Water has the ability to both reflect and distort reality.  The ocean encompasses a host of opposites that mirror life: Fear and Fascination, Light and Dark, Reflection and Reality, Surface and Depth, Life and Death. Through this series, the artist aims to inspire the viewer to look deeper past the surface of life to see what lies beneath.

A Chicago-area native, Shannon Dunn attended Illinois State University where she studied Art and Education.  Shannon’s painting style is inspired by her background in printmaking and her love for stylized, simplified drawings.  Never one to stick to a single medium, Shannon paints in oils, ink, acrylic, and resin. While her work is largely focused on the human figure, she draws inspiration from the natural world, observations of social behavior and her spiritual beliefs. Shannon’s work has been shown in various exhibitions throughout the Pikes Peak Region.  She currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband and two children.