EPHEMERA by Tony Achilles


The Modbo presents September’s First Friday on September 1st, 2017 with “EPHEMERA,” a show of work by Tony Achilles, generously sponsored by Colorado Foot and Ankle. First Friday’s reception happens from 5 pm til midnight, and the show remains up through Friday, September 29th.

The Modbo is located in the Arts Alley in downtown Colorado Springs at 17C E. Bijou.  Street parking is available, but The Modbo recommends the lot on Cascade just north of Bijou, which is only a $1 after 3 pm. The Modbo can be reached at themodbo@gmail.com, themodbo.com, or 633-4240.

About our sponsor:

“EPHEMERA” by Tony Achilles is proudly brought to you by Dr. Eric Gessner of Colorado Foot and Ankle.  With two locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado Foot and Ankle provides patients the best foot and ankle care in Colorado.  Their experience in podiatry is coupled with a genuine concern for their patients.   More information available at www.cofootandankle.com .


“Beauty is a fleeting experience. It is both personal, as it is a projection of ourselves, and a chance encounter, since one never knows when one will come upon it, or when it will suddenly emerge into one’s space, for a moment. Beauty comes in many forms, and it is present everywhere- in the dark as well as in the light. Beauty is, by its nature, ephemeral.  I am moved by sensual beauty, like many of us, and femininity seems to me to be the very womb of sensuality. I find photos from the golden years of Burlesque, when women were just starting to shake off the constraints of Victorian morality, to capture the essence of feminine sensuality in a way that seems sublime from the vantage point of the 21st century, when femininity itself is commoditized, and its soft edges are trimmed away. The photos I have found from that brief era have been my inspiration for these paintings, and those beautiful women, who emerged into our space, for a moment, have been my muses. This body of work pays homage to that, most ephemeral, form of beauty.” –by Tony Achilles

About the artist:

Tony Achilles is an oil painter, illustrator, mural artist, and art teacher, born and raised in Denver Colorado, and is presently working from his studio in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver.  Though having studied under master painters, Ron Hicks, Margaretta Gilboy, and Mark Daily, at the Art Students League of Denver, Tony considers himself to be, primarily, a self taught artist. Achilles has been showing publicly since 1989. Galleries and nontraditional art spaces where he has exhibited work include, Theory and Practice Gallery, Andrew Clark Photography Studio/Gallery, The Art Student’s League of Denver, The Arvada Art Center, The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Inner City Art Expo Gallery, and most recently, The Modbo Gallery in Colorado Springs. When he is not preparing work for exhibition, Tony stays busy with commissions and various commercial and decorative art, projects. His murals can be found in various business, restaurants, and private homes, throughout Denver, and surrounding areas.