First Friday and a Show on Saturday!


The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. present November’s First Friday opening.  On Friday, November 6th, 2015, art-goers can see “A Brush with Nature” by Deb Komitor in The Modbo, and “May I Be Your Oppressor?” by Davoth in SPQR.  The shows will open from 5:30 until midnight on First Friday, and will remain up for viewing on subsequent Friday evenings through November,  ending November 20th.  The Modbo and SPQR are located at 17b and 17c East Bijou, 80903.  More information at or by calling 633-4240 or emailing

Deb Komitor developed her love of the deep woods while growing up in Ohio. After studying painting at Columbus College of Art and Design she came to Colorado to receive her MFA at  Colorado State University. It was there that she realized she had found her heart’s home in the  mountains. In 1996 she moved to Colorado Springs.

A constant thread throughout her art career has been expressing the emotions conveyed in  nature. One feels the energy in each brushstroke as her paintings evoke both the force and  serenity in nature. You are not just drawn into Komitors paintings; they come out and get you. Her decision to portray these works in an almost pixelated fashion asks the viewer to take a step back in order to see her works fully realized. This, in turn, draws you in and keeps you there while her warm interpretations make you stay and take in the details. Her paintings seem  alive.  “I want my paintings to bring the viewer back to nature. I want them to slow your breath, clear your mind, and ease you into quiet peace.”

You can find more about Deb’s work at

Near the end of the last century, Davoth almost accidentally found himself beginning to make art to be viewed by the society he felt so amused by. He set out with his naivety and guidance from monolithic mentors, finally having a platform from which he could spew his myriad ideas. Over the years, before and since, he felt his way along using various materials and ideological approaches, through sculpted objects, photography, paint, pencil and craft, and along the way, also found a way to access parts of himself and found a voice, using often darkly clouded humor as a conveyance to portray topics and absurdities. An observer first, his deep respect for those who create original, masterful ideas, objects and lifestyles, compels him to seek creativity before technique and concept before beauty, seeing all these things and more as important to the process. He endeavors to never lose a drive to search for new ways of seeing or thinking and an endless quest for adventure, artistic or experiential. Davoth has been in Colorado since 1996. He creates original art and furniture (The Splinter Project) in his home studio in Denver, CO since 2009.

Of his show, Davoth says: “Being of reasonably sound mind and moderate functionality, I am often and deeply affected by the events of our modern world. We seem to be progressing as quickly toward a hopeful future as we are toward our self-inflicted demise. These dualistic perceptions on existence call on art to become my therapist and ridiculous friend, at the same time becoming my demanding master. Even the act of art creation leaves me conflicted. Does art matter? Does my art matter? Is it meaningless? How much is driven by my own ego? My goal is to provide artwork that brings up topics of discussion, vague to acute, while still leaving the viewer room for individual  outcomes. And although darkness is present in my work, I hope to get to that stupid place with at least a mischievous grin.”

The Modbo is delighted to present comedian and writer Kristina Hall in a one-woman show, “Some Things Can’t Be Whispered,” on Saturday, November 7th.  Comedic piano duo Swelter and Burn will open.  Doors at 7:30 pm, show at 8 pm, adults only please– this show will be irreverent, poignant, and salty in the best way possible.  Tickets are $15 if purchased in advance (, or $20 at the door.  Limited seating, so buying in advance is highly encouraged.  The Modbo is located at 17C East Bijou, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  More info at, by emailing, or by leaving a message at 633-4240.

Formerly a denizen of Colorado Springs, Kristina Hall now works as a writer, coach, and performer in the Denver area.  She began her comedy career in 1986 and has appeared in nationally televised comedy shows on PBS, the Comedy Channel, FOX (ironically) and Showtime. Additionally, Kristina has performed a gazillion times nationally in clubs, colleges, theaters, art galleries, bars, bowling alleys, and other venues best forgotten. Except for The Modbo.  That’s an art gallery she performed in once that she’d like to remember forever.  Fondly.  Kristina went on to earn a degree in creative writing at Colorado College, and she has written and performed solo shows such as: When My Father Died and Other Ordinary Tales and In Pursuit of Cheese.