it’s the small things: new art by josh cantalope


The Modbo presents March’s First Friday: “it’s the little things,” by josh cantalope.  Josh uses thinned acrylic paints and an abundance of tape, creating sharp, modernist lines and stark depictions.  The opening reception is from 5 pm until 11 pm on Friday, March 6th. The show runs through Friday, March 27th. In addition to the opening reception, the gallery is open on Friday evenings from 4-7 pm or by appointment.  The Modbo is located in the Arts Alley in downtown Colorado Springs at 17C E. Bijou. Find the stretch of Bijou that is between Cascade and Tejon, and go south down the alley. Street parking is available, but The Modbo recommends the lot on Cascade just north of Bijou, which is only $1 after 3 pm. The Modbo can be reached at,, or 633-4240. 

Initially using painting as an outlet to establish a legacy, it’s been a trial and error based progression to develop the current style Josh ‘Cantalope’ Castillo prides himself on. With roots based in South Texas, Josh later found himself in Colorado, where not only was the change of style evident, but so was the inspiration. With the help from talented photographer friends, vintage signs that line the weird mountain town he resides, or just a photo taken while traveling, Josh uses thinned acrylic paints and an abundance of tape to give seemingly small moments a lifetime of recognition. 

Not interested in cliches or being perceived as “deep,” Josh simply paints what he wants. Whether that’s inspired by his cat longing to put her instincts to use or just a man reading the local paper, Josh hopes the pieces in this show may trigger a familiar, if not nostalgic, feeling within the viewer, helping us take into consideration that sometimes everyday life deserves to be glorified.