New Exhibitions


The Modbo and S.P.Q.R., the Arts Alley District, proudly present a new second Friday opening on June 10, 2011.  The Modbo will host work by students of Modbo Art Classes over the past two years—classes which have included everything from Introduction to Drawing to Advanced Oil Painting.  This is a fabulous opportunity to see the progress of our dedicated students. 


S.P.Q.R. will feature the return of the In Process Show.  For the four Fridays of this show, you will have the opportunity to watch artists at work, as they begin with a blank canvas or board and bring a work to completion by the end of the show on Friday, July 1st.  It is your chance to demystify the process of art making and to observe for yourself how different the artists’ journey can be—a mostly rare opportunity for the general public!  For the closing night, July 1st, Doug Rouse will join the fray with a speed painting performance.  Participating artists for this show include Chris Alvarez, Lorelei Beckstrom, Brett Andrus, Troy DeRose, Nina Peterson, Trevor Thomas, and Phil Lear.  You will have the opportunity to bid on the paintings, silent-auction style, throughout the course of the month of the show.  Winners will be declared at the show’s closing.