New Show by Troy DeRose


The Modbo is delighted to present “Play Nice: A Solo Show by Troy DeRose,”opening Friday, November 12th. The opening reception will go from 5:30 pm until late, and will feature the musical entertainment of the lovely Hopeful Heroines, making their Modbo debut around 9 that evening. Join us for some amazing art, some lovely music, and a great party!
Troy DeRose is a member of The Modbo Collective. He graduated from Mesa State College with a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2002. Troy now works as a graphic designer under the moniker Fixer Design. Troy’s latest show, “Playing Nice,” is a commentary on irony and the ways we “attempt to restrain our secret motivations; the ways in which we ‘play nice.’” In an attempt to emulate this restraint, Troy imposed his own restrictions on his work, limiting his canvases to square proportions and his palette to a mere four colors