November’s New Exhibition


The Modbo and S.P.Q.R., The Alley Arts District, are pleased to present a new art opening on Friday, November 11th, 2011. The Modbo will host work by Marc Huebert and Clive Nyles, while husband and wife team Douglas and Mallori Rouse will present “6 Years of Ink” on the walls of S.P.Q.R. The opening will go from 5:30 pm until midnight on 11.11.11, and the show will run through Friday, December 2nd. The galleries are located at 17B and 17C East Bijou in Colorado Springs. Info at or 719.633.4240.

At S.P.Q.R., viewers will be treated to “6 Years of Ink,” a show by Douglas and Mallori Rouse that celebrate moments and memories of the INKQB8TOR. The INKQB8TOR, sometimes referred to as the INK, is a large warehouse studio/art space originally occupied and created by Timber Kirwan and Douglas Rouse in the spring of 2005.

The INKQB8TOR has been both an art studio and a gathering place for like-mindeds to play together and let their souls be free. It has hosted a number of memorable parties, a ton of art, and the 3-day “Let’s Make a Deal” event which brought together a phenomenal group of artists and performers in a whole new setting of selling art. Since the death of Timber and the union of Douglas Rouse and Mallori Meyer, the INKQB8TOR has become a man-and-wife project, mainly for the incubation and production of artwork and community art projects. Just yards from the railroad tracks, facing Pikes Peak, the inspiration that this space has given us is magical. This show celebrates some of that magic.

Douglas Rouse, now a 10-year resident of Colorado Springs (the longest he’s ever stayed in one spot), is a professional artist specializing in mural painting, live speed painting, trompe l’oeil, and 3D chalk art. He considers himself a contemporary artist when it comes to works on canvas and usually enjoys working large. This show, however, inspired by the recent monochromatic exhibition at the Modbo, is “smaller and more accessible,” according to the artist. Rouse is also creator of the 12 Mural Project and recently completed the mural on the Warehouse Restaurant building and at the Corepower Yoga Nevada studio. Visit for a complete portfolio and to find out more about upcoming projects. Says Douglas, “I am able to thrive in Colorado because my community believes in me. Thank you Colorado Springs.”

Mallori Rouse was born in Colorado Springs and currently resides here as well. She began painting at an early age at the FAC and in school, thanks to her wonderful elementary art teacher. While living in New Zealand she realized her passion for painting and began exploring the art form with deeper expression. Her latest series of paintings is a style she refers to as “vibrating with life”. Mallori’s work was most recently seen at a duo show at A Call to Life and Dine & D’Art fundraiser for ArtReach in Denver.


The Modbo is delighted to host talented local artist Marc Huebert in conjunction with Clive Nyles, a Georgia-based artist.

Marc Huebert is a Colorado Springs artist whose work invokes multiple ideas. He is interested in advancing his technique, but can’t quite shake the childlike joy of random gesture dictating the content. Maybe someday. He graduated from UCCS in 2004 and also studied at UC Boulder and at Bard College in the 90s. He lives on the westside of Colorado Springs where he skateboards, paints, and raises his two kiddos. He also loves rainy days, long walks on the beach and rambling on for days about his feelings.

Clive Nyles attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. Although originally from England, Nyles remained in Georgia after his time at S.C.A.D. He is thrilled to have his first show in the west, having recently shown in galleries in the southeast where he won several awards for his unique abstract works. Nyles draws from such influences as Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell. Nyles’ large, non-objective compositions strive to inspire contemplation.