Rodney Wood is Back!!


The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. galleries, in conjunction with the Millibo Art Theater in their first ever collaboration, are proud to announce “Galerie Vivant,” a new solo exhibition by internationally known artist Rodney Wood.  This exhibition will debut over twenty new paintings by the acclaimed artist.  In addition to the opening reception, to be held from 5:30 pm until midnight on Friday, June 8th at The Modbo and S.P.Q.R., there will be two wildly unique performances presented on The Millibo’s stage.  These shows will occur at 8 pm on Friday, June 1st, and 4 pm on Saturday, June 2nd, at the MAT, 1367 Pecan Street.  Much more than an artist’s talk, audience members will glimpse a special view into the creative process.  There will be the opportunity to see some of Wood’s muses, as well as other kinds of inspiration.  Look for live performances by violinist David Siegel, model and belly dancer Kristina Reich, soprano Jessie Oliver and pianist Lauren Andrus, dancer Camille Loftin, illusionists Joe and Carol Givan, Vlad the doll, model and poet Kim Helgoe, and other surprises.  Both programs will be followed by a viewing for an up close and personal look at the artwork as well as the opportunity to meet the artist and performers.  Tickets are only $9, and can be purchased at  Seating is limited, don’t delay!  The Modbo can be reached at 633-4240, or the Millibo Art Theater at 465-6321.