September’s First Friday at The Modbo: Tooth & Nail by Ashley Urban


The Modbo presents September’s First Friday: “Tooth & Nail,” new work by Ashley Urban.  An L.A.-based artist, Urban’s show will feature a panoply of media, from drawings and paintings to wearable art, replete with an element of installation.  The opening reception is from 5:00 pm until midnight on Friday, September 7th. The show runs through Friday, September 28th. The Modbo is located in the Arts Alley in downtown Colorado Springs at 17C E. Bijou. Find the stretch of Bijou that is between Cascade and Tejon, and go south down the alley. Street parking is available, but The Modbo recommends the lot on Cascade just north of Bijou, which is only  $1 after 3 pm. The Modbo can be reached at,, or 633-4240.

‘Tooth & Nail’:

This body of work is an homage to the ways in which the artist has learned to cope with, heal from, and grow gracefully from the traumatic events of her life and the human experience of misery which she used to believe defined her. Learning to transform out of an existence that felt hopeless, victimized, pessimistic, self loathing, and damaged beyond repair, she has fought tooth and nail to develop a deeply intentional moral philosophy; that pain and creativity can be used as a fuel to feed the flames of healing and higher being. The philosophy of ‘Tooth & Nail’ also concludes that we must acknowledge and accept the beasts that are our inner sufferings. However, it is necessary to diligently tame them with ravenous creative expression, appreciation for nature, the pursuit of knowledge, forgiveness, gratitude, integrity, respect and empathy, the endeavor to inspire others, fierce exploration of the unknown outside of and within our own psyches, the release of ego, and sharp focus on the discipline of continually growing rather than living in fear. Ultimately, this starts with finding and holding onto love and tenderness for one’s self. Mother nature and the natural order of the world is vicious. And even more vicious can be the way that we treat ourselves, however, once we learn to look at this harsh existence and our own beings in a compassionate and artistic way, there lies a whole universe of stunning beauty within pain, loss, decay, and the growth that stems from it all.

About the artist:

Since 2013, Ashley Urban has lived and created in downtown Los Angeles. Raised in the seclusion of Pike National forest of Colorado, she constantly marveled at the endless beauties, delicacies and dangers of mother nature, creating within her a deep connection to the natural realm, which is ever present in her many creative processes.  

Through creative expression and exploration of ourselves and our surroundings, she concludes that we can all become more emotionally sophisticated individuals, and draw light from our inner darkness, while shedding this light onto the people in our lives. She is currently developing an all-encompassing philosophy and brand, through her fine art, illustration, mixed media design and photography, to her way of dress and her various involvements in the fashion industry, her advocacy for cultural and self exploitation, and ultimately through the way she believes in treating other human beings, into what she calls ‘The Art of Style’. This philosophy states that style is not simply exclusive to fashion and what one wears. Rather, style is exhibited in the details of all of our creative choices. Style is the way we construct and implement positive moral values unto ourselves, unto nature and unto others. Style is using our creative freedoms to heal ourselves. Style is to make every movement through life a work of art. Style is to appreciate and seek out the beauty within the smallest details of our environments. And ultimately, style is striving to make consistent positive impacts on the world. Through ‘The Art of Style’, she wishes to not only share her numerous artistic visions, but to encourage and inspire others to thoroughly investigate the world around them and their individual creative callings.