The Modbo Goes on Hiatus


I’m sorry to say that I’ve decided to close temporarily due to COVID. My current plan is to open in February, but it’s of course impossible to promise. For me, the beauty of The Modbo lies in the interaction between the patrons and the artists, the patrons and the art, the art and the artists, etc. Online is a paltry facsimile for that model of art experience, and I’m frankly not up for a foray into that realm. This means that Small Works is unfortunately not happening this year. It would be a social distancing nightmare. I’m sure it’s possible, somehow, but it boggles the mind. Those of you who have experienced intake or opening night can imagine what I’m talking about here. Also, sales for Small Works have declined in the past few years, leading me to wonder about its ongoing relevancy and if it is still a worthwhile endeavor. I’ll update here when I decide to reopen, but regardless, stay safe and well, and remember that no matter what: You Need Art. Art Needs You.


Lauren Ciborowski, Owner and Impresario